Have you been thinking about an all new truck? We think the Toyota Tacoma offers the most value for the price, especially when it comes to safety features. There is no other pickup truck like the Tacoma today. Its reliability, performance, and technology have received high marks from critics and drivers. The Tacoma is perfect for someone who wants the latest technology without having to pay more for such luxuries.

Inside of the Tacoma, the LCD display shows you all of the alerts, warnings, and other diagnostics. You can check on anything in the Tacoma and access all of the driver assistance features with voice commands. Blind spot monitoring, surround-view monitoring, rearview camera, and multiterrain monitoring offer a 360-degree view of the truck. However, some of the other smart features include automatic emergency braking, forward collision alerts, lane departure alerts, and parking sensors.

You can check out the all new Tacoma and see the latest safety features when you contact Big Two Toyota.


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