Waxing With Care

Applying wax to your vehicle's paint job will give it a protective layer that repels water and holds up against dirt; this helps so you don't have to wash your car as often.

Here at Big Two Toyota, we like you to be informed about the basic cosmetic care of your vehicle so that it maintains its value and so that you are always driving a fresh-looking ride.

What Is Wax Made Out Of?

Wax is made from different synthetic and natural products like silicone, coal, carnauba and is usually mixed with a solvent for a softer more applicable consistency.

?Applying Wax: When and How

?Applying wax is easy, and if you take your time rubbing it in with a microfiber cloth you can get some incredible results. You can also use an electric buffer with a wax pad for excellent results; bring your vehicle to our detail department in Chandler where we will be happy to give your vehicle an exterior detail.


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