2020 Toyota Camry Interior Features: Smart Key and Pushbutton Start & Trunk Space and Convenience

The popular midsize Toyota Camry sedan is one of the vehicles we have in stock here at our dealership, so to introduce you to this vehicle, we've chosen two of its interior features to discuss here today.

Smart Key and Pushbutton Start

You don't have to fish your keys out of your pocket or purse to lock, unlock, or start the Toyota Camry, just carry the Smart Key and do it all with the simple push of a button. To drive, just hit the Push Button Start and you'll be moving in no time.

Spacious and Convenient Trunk

Generous cargo room as well as a new trunk lid that opens wider makes the Camry's trunk state-of-the-art and more convenient than ever.

To experience the Toyota Camry for yourself by taking it for a test drive, stop by or contact us here at Big Two Toyota today!


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