Toyota GR Supra Performance and Handling Features

Have you seen the latest from Toyota? The Japanese automaker partnered up with BMW on their new 2020 Toyota GR Supra. This latest sports coupe is something different from Toyota, which hasn’t had this sporty style since 1998. The result is a finely tuned six-cylinder inline 3.0-liter engine that gets amazing horsepower and torque. You can feel the 335 horsepower when you rev the engine for the first time, but it still delivers when you need to pass on the highway or if you want to head to the track.

The GR Supra is breaking boundaries with its new engine. The same engine can be found in the BMW M340i and Z4 M40i. While tuned differently, the engine is powerful and super reliable, which is something that Toyota is known for already. You’ll get up to 31 mpg on the highway with the GR Supra, too.

Want to see what it’s like in this fast sports coupe? You can test drive the Toyota Supra when you visit Big Two Toyota located in Chandler.


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