A Shiny New Model: The 2020 Toyota Corolla

One of the best-selling vehicles on the planet, the Toyota Corolla continues to excel by offering updated designs on a regular basis. The 2020 Corolla is no exception, representing the rollout of the 12th generation of this popular model. Not simply a change in aesthetics, the new Corolla is entirely re-designed to provide more safety, comfort, and value to you as the driver in Chandler.

The most significant change to the Corolla is its transition to the Toyota New Global Architecture. This new body structure that has slowly made its way into all Toyota vehicles allows for increases in safety, performance, fuel economy, and handling of the vehicle. Additionally, the Corolla now offers a sleek Nightshade SE Edition, which comes with blacked-out wheels and other style enhancements that are sure to blow you away.

Words and pictures don't do justice for the 2020 Toyota Corolla. The best way to understand the many changes that have gone into this new vehicle is to stop by Big Two Toyota and see it in person.


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